Mailing Lists

There are some mailing lists that can be used to discuss jRate, hear about new jRate releases, post questions, bugs and so on...

Below are the details of these mailing lists.

This is a public list which is available for discussing jRate, its use, its enhancement, reporting bugs, providing patches, etc.

This is a public, low-traffic, moderated list which is reserved for announcements of new releases of jRate, related software (e.g. RTJPerf), documentation, technical papers, etc.

This is a public list used to discuss implementation and design details of jRate.

This is a public list where all Subversion commit logs (and diffs) are sent. At times this can be a very high-traffic list, and not very interesting except for developers that want complete notification of all changes, even inconsequential ones, and even ones to the jRate web site. This list is not archived, and accordingly, developer discussion should not occur on this list; rather, responses and questions to jRate Subversion commits should be directed to the jRate Development mailing list.

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