Class AsynchronouslyInterruptedException

  extended byjava.lang.Throwable
      extended byjava.lang.Exception
          extended byjava.lang.InterruptedException
              extended byjavax.realtime.AsynchronouslyInterruptedException
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class AsynchronouslyInterruptedException
extends InterruptedException

An special exception that is thrown in response to an attempt to asynchronously transfer the locus of control of a RealtimeThread. When a method is declared with AsynchronouslyInterruptedException in its throws clause the platform is expected to asynchronously throw this exception if RealtimeThread.interrupt() is called while the method is executing, or if such an interrupt is pending any time control returns to the method. The interrupt is not thrown while any methods it invokes are executing, unless they are, in turn, declared to throw the exception. This is intended to allow long-running computations to be terminated without the overhead or latency of polling with java.lang.Thread.interrupted() . The throws AsynchronouslyInterruptedException clause is a marker on a stack frame which allows a method to be statically marked as asynchronously interruptible. Only methods that are marked this way can be interrupted. When Thread.interrupt() , public void interrupt()27 ,or is called, the AsynchronouslyInterruptedException is compared against any currently pending AsynchronouslyInterruptedException on the thread. If there is none, or if the depth of the AsynchronouslyInterruptedException is less than the currently pending AsynchronouslyInterruptedException - i.e., it is targeted at a less deeply nested method call - it becomes the currently pending interrupt. Otherwise, it is discarded. If the current method is interruptible, the exception is thrown on the thread. Otherwise, it just remains pending until control returns to an interruptible method, at which point the AsynchronouslyInterruptedException is thrown. When an interrupt is caught, the caller should invoke the happened() method on the AsynchronouslyInterruptedException in which it is interested to see if it matches the pending AsynchronouslyInterruptedException . If so, the pending AsynchronouslyInterruptedException is cleared from the thread. Otherwise, it will continue to propagate outward. Thread.interrupt() and RealtimeThread.interrupt() generate a system available generic AsynchronouslyInterruptedException which will always propagate outward through interruptible methods until the generic AsynchronouslyInterruptedException is identified and stopped. Other sources (e.g., and Timed201 ) will generate a specific instance of AsynchronouslyInterruptedException which applications can identify and thus limit propagation.

Angelo Corsaro
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public AsynchronouslyInterruptedException()

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