Interface Executor

All Superinterfaces:
Runnable, Schedulable
All Known Implementing Classes:
PooledExecutor, ThreadBoundExecutor, ThreadedExecutor

public interface Executor
extends Schedulable

This abstract class defines the basic protocol supported by executors.

Angelo Corsaro

Method Summary
 void execute(Runnable logic)
          Executes the given logic.
 void shutdown()
          Releases all the resources assoiated with the executor.
Methods inherited from interface javax.realtime.Schedulable
addIfFeasible, addToFeasibility, executionEligibility, getMemoryParameters, getProcessingGroupParameters, getReleaseParameters, getScheduler, getSchedulingParameters, removeFromFeasibility, setMemoryParameters, setMemoryParametersIfFeasible, setProcessingGroupParameters, setProcessingGroupParametersIfFeasible, setReleaseParameters, setReleaseParametersIfFeasible, setScheduler, setScheduler, setSchedulingParameters, setSchedulingParametersIfFeasible
Methods inherited from interface java.lang.Runnable

Method Detail


public void execute(Runnable logic)
             throws ShutdownExecutorException
Executes the given logic. If the logic is executed on a newly created thread, or of a thread is borrowed from a pool is implementation dependent.

logic - a Runnable value
ShutdownExecutorException - if the Executor has already been shut down.


public void shutdown()
Releases all the resources assoiated with the executor. No subsequent invocation of the execute() method should be performed after the executor has been shutdown.

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